Life in the UK

Great Britain is a home to many different cultures it is a very cosmopolitan country with many ethnic minorities, especially in big cities like London and Manchester. It’s almost like the mosaic of the world!


Britain is one of the most developed countries in the world for local and intercity transportation. Most of the country is connected by the rail system. Intercity trains are fast and have modern facilities. For example journey times from London to Edinburgh are 4 hours. London to Manchester is 2 hours. Cheap return tickets can be purchased if booked in advance. There are also intercity bus services available but not preferred as they are not as fast as the trains. Travelling in London is also very easy by the Underground, the Over ground or via the bus services. Map of city transportation shows that all city districts are covered by these lines. Some bus services are available to all city districts, 24 hours uninterrupted.


England has a colder climate compared to Turkey. Summer days are usually warm and sometimes rainy. In London and Southern Countries winter are rainy and cold, but it does not snow that much. Towards the North of the country temperatures is much lower and it snows in these areas and can get very cold.


In England there are various accommodation alternatives for students.

Families that they are renting accommodations, dormitories, room rent, shared room.
In a family rented accommodation students stay in one of the rooms and according to the agreement they can benefit from some parts of the house.

Dorm, room rent, shared room, bed and breakfast, half board, full board or self catering are the possibilities. In the dormitories students can stay in single or double rooms. Some rooms have bathroom and kitchen facilities. Sometimes students share a kitchen and bathroom. As an alternative room rent in a house is quite common in England or a few friends together can rent a house. As it is usually furnished rented houses in England and students do not need to buy furniture.


There is a free health care service in England, but only students that have a visa for more than 6 months can benefit from this service. Arriving students must register with a health centre in order to receive health service and their service number. Students who have less than 6 month visas are recommended to get Health Insurance policies in place from their own countries before they come.

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