Language and Methodology for Overseas Teachers


Who is this course for ?

Language and Methodology for Overseas Teachers is for English teachers who are teaching English as a foreign or second language. The course is  eligible under Erasmus+ Funding.

The aims of the course

The main aims of the course are to help teachers working at adult education centres to exchange their experience with their collegues, to improve their teaching and language abilities and to widen their horizon.

The course objectives are;

  • to extend teachers’ contemporary teaching techniques
  • to develop their linguistic confidence and skills
  • to be able to use different teaching methods/ approaches/ techniques for different learning styles
  • to be able to create new activities to motivate the students and make the lessons more effective
  • to create their own teaching resourses
  • to manage the classroom
  • to extend their knowledge of British culture and British education system
  • to enable teachers’ future collaboration with their professions


14 – 25 September 2015

1-12 February 2016

13-24 June 2016

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